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Established in 1990, Maritime International Ltd. is one of the oldest and most trusted offshore service providers. We are pleased to be authorized agents for BUPA International health and medical insurance.
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Welcome to Offshore Health - your best source for overseas health and medical insurance cover.

Whether you are an expatriate, individual, family, or company, our global health insurance plans can provide lifeline treatment in emergencies, hospitalization, or general health care and doctor visits. Available benefits include worldwide hospital insurance, covering fees for ambulance, doctors, surgeons, and specialists, in-patient treatment, out-patient consultations and maternity. For companies with employees living abroad, we also offer a corporate health scheme with dental coverage. With all of our insurance plans, emergency medical evacuation cover is also available.

Complimenting our growing range of offshore and international client services, Maritime International Limited offers high quality health and medical coverage through BUPA International.

Winner of the Queen's Award for Export Achievement, BUPA International has also received recognition for health care services including the FT Business Offshore Excellence Award 2000 and Best International Healthcare Provider at the UK's Health Insurance Awards for six of the past seven years. BUPA International provides 24 hour life saving medical services to over eight million members across 190 countries.

Why Choose BUPA International Over Other International Health Insurance Providers?

BUPA International offers:

  • coverage for all hospital charges with accommodation, usually in a private room with TV
  • all eligible in-patient treatment including surgeons', anaesthetists' and physicians' fees
  • out-patient consultations and treatment up to a specified maximum each year
  • cover for pathology, X-rays, ECGs and other diagnostic procedures (subject to benefit limits)
  • access to a multilingual helpline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • emergency evacuation if required on the recommendation of a specialist
  • no limit on the number of claims for each person covered in any one year (subject to benefit limits)
  • no restrictions on sporting activities
  • BUPA International health insurance coverage is available to both individuals and families, through the Lifeline Scheme, and companies, via the Company Scheme.

Why Choose Maritime International Limited As Your Global Health & Medical Insurance Agent?

Maritime International Limited offers:

  • same premiums as joining directly with BUPA International; no additional fees
  • full internet and email communications for your convenience
  • professional personalized service
  • a wide range of complimentary services such as offshore companies and bank accounts to satisfy all your offshore needs
  • the confidence of over 18 years of satisfied clients

All information provided in these pages is correct to the best of our knowledge as a BUPA International Intermediary. Maritime International Limited accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be present. All information, pricing and exchange rates are subject to change without notice. The only official documentation on your policy and premiums is that contained in the policy issued to you by BUPA International and is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth by BUPA International.

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